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Buy a Condo

For a new born

Who does not believe in American Dream? Despite the media coverage and global shifts in the sentiment, America is still home to 3.8 million square miles area with only 345 million population. When your first child is born, it is advised to buy a condo in America. By the time s/he goes to college, you will have reasonable savings to support for the best private colleges in the world.

It is also a good investment for a side income. Buy a full managed condo in select cities and earn worry free income.

You can buy a condo near the city in a high rise or suburban towns within one hour driving distance from Manhattan, New York City. Our focus condo price range from $200,000 to a million+ USD.

We currently operate in New Jersey Metro Areas covering New York to Philadelphia. These cities are ideal for condo investments. We can also assist in other major cities through our partner network.

Suburban House
Window Reflection

Build to Live or List

Dual Intent Single Purpose

Building a home is the most exciting venture to collaborate with us. We have unique four season home designs ranging from 2300 to 5000 square feet. Our home designs are patented for the style, coverage and comfort to enjoy year round of luxury life. These homes are in the medium to high price range though we strive to keep the costs down without compromising on the quality of construction and fixtures. We offer at least 20-30% savings over the most home builders in our area.

Buy a Fixer Upper

Add your own value

A fixer upper home is the next level of investment. It can be accomplished through active “do it yourself” (DIY) or partner with us. We help to identify the ideal fixer upper Condo or a Home to repair, renovate and modernize. The general objective of the fixer-upper is to sell in 3-12 months to gain a good return.

Home Deck
Commercial Buildings

Commerical Real Estate

Be part of bigger stakes

The trend in last few years is shifting to strip malls with an anchor Grocery store and daily use items like Target, Walmart and Home Depot. Commercial Real Estate is also becoming safer and more predictable investments for hospital and hotel buildings. We work through a number of large corporations to offer you fractional ownership in the commercial buildings. The minimum investment in such ventures is $25,000 (USD).

Farm House

American True Value

Investing in farmland and timberland is now more approachable than ever, but why are investors buying farmland? Stability, inflation hedging, and attractive historical returns to name a few. Book a meeting with our investor relations team for a walkthrough of farmland as an asset class. These frams are at least 10 acres to over 100 acres large. The price starts at $1,000 an acre for recreational and agricultural lands.

Japanese House
Wooden Hotel

Log Home

Escape the Routine

The demand for Log Homes in mountains, water front locations and nature is growing. These Log Homes offer nice escape from the city life for a weekend and longer vacations. These are also becoming more economical way for retirees. The pricing for Log Homes in North Carolina Mountains is starting at $199,000 with land.

Multi-Purpose Resorts

Full service resort living is fun for people who enjoy water front activities and being in mountains for camping and skiing. Nestled in Pensylvania Hills, Onsite amenities include an 18-hole championship golf course and 9-hole executive course, fine and casual dining, golf shop, ski and snow sports, outdoor swimming pools, indoor aquatic center, spa and fitness center, equestrian center, activity center with basketball court, walking trails, 24/7 gated security and more.

Hotel Pool
Modern House

Investors Tour

Join us to explore

Bring your esteem clients to 1 or 2 weeks Investors Tour. We will cover 3 major cities including New York City, New Jersey City, Atlantic City and Eagle Rock Resort in Pensylvania. Travel support is provided at request.

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